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What about our visit ?

Our expert will have to visit each room of your property including the technical area (+ added extension, attic or basement if applicable).

  • If the property is an apartment with a collective heating system for the building, access to the boiler room must be available during the visit.

He will measure the floor surface(s), volume(s), heat loss surfaces and collect data on the energy characteristics such as thermal insulation (exterior walls, windows, doors, roof, floor), technical installation (ventilation, heating, control & hot water production systems), etc... He will also screen any available supporting documents**, you may have prepared (** see below "What can be prepared before the visit ?").

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Some specific items can be identified by visual inspection such as the type of walls, of glazing or some technical details on the heating system. However, other items like insulation type and thickness in walls, roof or grond floor, solar panels surface, if not visible, need supporting documents to be taken into account in the certification process (Ex.: copies of the construction specifications "Cahier des charges", invoices of materials or works, chronology of pictures taken during the works).

  • Even if some of the energy characteristics of your property cannot be identified by visual inspection or with the help of supporting documents, our expert will STILL be able to proceed with the EPB certification; predefined default values will be used by the software in its evaluation process.

Visit duration : a visit takes 45 min. to 3 hours depending on the size and the complexity of the property layout. Duration depends also on the number and the preparation of supporting documents submitted to the expert.

  • This visit does not absolutely require your presence, our expert can work on his own as far as he has access to the property and to the boiler room; in this case please provide a copy of any available supporting document which can complete the collection of data on site.

After the visit, and in compliance with the certification protocol, our expert will calculate the floor surface(s), volumes and heat loss surfaces, he will analyse any supporting documents and will proceed with the entry of collected data in the agreed certification software for the energy performance evaluation and issue the EPB certificate.

The EPB certificate will be sent to the owner or its representative within 2 working days after the visit.

What can be prepared before the visit ?

1. Make sure access to technical installations is available for our expert
2. Gather and sort all available supporting documents**
3. Make a copy of the property's plan(s) if available

Important to know

  • Year of construction (and the date of any renovation work if applicable).
  • If walls, ground floor or basement, roof or attic floor, contain thermal insulation, prepare a copy, if available, of the original invoices of the contractors or of the construction specifications relating this insulation.
  • If glazing panels have been replaced by high-performance glazing recently, prepare a copy, if available, of the original invoices stating the heat transfer coefficient (Ug or k).
  • Heating system: manufacturing date & power if not visible on the identification plate, presence or not of an outdoor sensor; the Syndic or the heating installer might provide those details.
  • If presence of solar panels (thermal and/or photovoltaic), type of panels, angle, orientation, and surface will need to be known (Ex.: data on the invoices of the contractors).
  • Technical description of the ventilation system, if applicable.
  • For an electrical inspection, prepare a copy of the electrical circuit diagrams (location diagram + single line diagram), if available.

** List of supporting documents accepted by the certification protocol :

  • Plans of the property signed by an architect
  • Diagnostic report, installation receipt or periodic maintenance attest of the heating system
  • Accepted energy grants demand
  • Invoices of contractors related to the technical installation (heating, hot water, ventilation) and to the materials used for renovation works
  • Invoices of purchased materials (with property address, if work performed without contractor
  • Works reports or works in progress reports
  • DUI (dossier d'intervention ultérieure)
  • Construction specifications ("Cahier des Charges")
  • Technical documentation of implemented materials and installations
  • Chronology of pictures taken during progress of works
  • Values from a previous EPB declaration
  • Data from a previous EPB certificate

These documents are not required for issuance of the certificate but may result in a better energy evaluation.

=> Apartment/Flat : having regard to the impact of the documentary evidence on the outcome of the EPB certificate , don't wait the last minute to request for information to the "syndic" (co-ownership property representative) or to the co-ownership counsel.