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Inspection of electrical installation (sale of a residential property)P10702201

One single contact for 2 services: EPB certificate + Electrical inspection report

For any coordination request of an EPB expertise with an electrical control, we combine both visits at the same time:

=> 1 single visit and 1 invoice

We work in partnership with a certified organization specialized, among other things, in electrical and gas control.

"Belgian public authorities have implemented measures in order to check whether electrical installations meet current standards. The goal is to give a clear idea on the status of the electrical installation of a property in order to protect the occupant from possible accidents due to obsolete or non-compliant electrical installations."

In case of sale it is mandatory to perform the control of the electrical installation, dated prior to 01-10-1981, in order to determine whether it meets current standards or not (« Moniteur Belge Art.276 bis »). The report will be required by the notary and must be joined to the act of sale whatever the result is.

If the report is not compliant, the future owner will be responsible to carry out the necessary transformations within 18 months as from the act of sale signature and will have to request a new electrical control of the installation.

A compliant electrical control report is valid for a period of 25 years.