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Price for an EPB Certificate – Energy Performance of residential Buildings

The price breakdown depends on the total time spent by the assessor which varies according to factors such as the complexity of the property architectural structure, the type of property and its size, the number of supporting documents to be checked, ...

=> For simplicity purpose, our prices are based on the type of housing and on its surface area

Services included in the EPB certification :
. Travel time & expenses + site visit;
. Data collection on energy and geometrical characteristics of the property, on the heating system, on the production of domestic hot water and on the ventilation system (if applicable);
. Search for any thermal insulation and heat loss coefficients of material through visual inspection; analysis of construction specifications and of contractor's invoices (if applicable);
. Calculation of floor surfaces, volumes and heat loss surfaces as well as data entry in the certification software for the energy performance evaluation;
. Issuance of EPB certificates (French + Dutch) with energy improvement recommendations and mailing.

Our prices include all above described services.
• EPB certificate starting at 125€ all included (studio/flat < or = 40m²).

=> Price reduction for several apartments in the same building or several properties to be certified.


Price for the Electrical Inspection (=> when combined with an EPB certification)

  • Our price includes travel time, control of the electrical installation, issuance of the electrical control report and mailing.
  • Electrical Inspection: 125€ all included for 1 electricity meter.

=> Price reduction for several apartments in the same building.